Serpent Skull

Crab poop

The Island, as by Jeshuan

There is much to be explored on this island, and many things that like to eat small Gnomes! fortunately, there are occasionally friendly folk about that flip through the air and molest bad things with their hair and burn the ugly things with fire from the magics all while wanting to be a friend. oh, and there are also other Gnomes who need lessons in being Gnomes… good thing I am here to teach them! this party that found me really needed the emotional support i have to offer. some of them were really down. but now they are much happier. we even found proof that one of them is innocent of crimes that he was accused of. how awesome is that?! oh, and a huge chest I could fit in 4 times filled with copper pieces! I hope the party would let me have some to make chess pieces out of. I must say, though, that I don’t entirely trust the motives of some of them. they seem more deviously nefarious than playful. BUT! they enjoy what they are doing. camp fire song and stories and conversation are a blast! oh, I got to get going…. someone is about to get eaten by a giant crab!



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